Mikael Brunila

Ph.D. Candidate at McGill University

I am a Ph.D Candidate with the Platial Analysis and Urban Politics and Governance labs at McGill University. In the spring and summer of 2023 I am a visiting scholar at INCITE Columbia. I am supported by the Kone Foundation graduate grant and advised by professors David Wachsmuth and Grant McKenzie, as well as Gabriella Coleman from my committee.

My primary interests are two-fold. On the one hand, I work on the application of statistical methods in general and natural language processing in particular to complex social problems. On the other hand, I am investigating the epistemological and historical foundations of natural language processing and large-language modelling, from the postwar cybernetics movement to contemporary practices.

Aside from my academic work, I also work on building on-device search capabilities and backend GIS services for "DRIFT", an end-to-end encrypted mapping and social media app.

Before becoming an academic, I was a journalist in Finland writing about technology, urban subcultures and the far-right. During this time, I co-authored three books: The first systematic study of the new Finnish far-right, an investigation of the privatization of policing in Helsinki during a zero-tolerance campaign against graffiti, and an edited collection of texts about the new enclosures on the internet.

While I am focused on quantitative methods and the philosophy of science today, I started my academic journey doing ethnographic work with housing rights and anti-eviction groups in New York City and Barcelona.

Curriculum Vitae


  • February 2023: We have a new paper out which leverages a huge scraped dataset of real estate and company data to assess the financialization of rental housing in Montreal.
  • January 2023: We are organizing the first NLP for Social Science workshop at the Platial Analysis lab and INCITE.
  • November 2022: I presented my paper "Shannon Games: Neural Language Models, Cybernetics & The Role Reversal Between Information & Meaning" at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard.
  • November 2022: We presented a paper on DRIFT at the LocalRec workshop at SIGSPATIAL in Seattle.
  • July 2022: We presented a paper on comparing the linguistic theories of Zellig Harris and J.R. Firth and their uses and abuses in NLP at NAACL.



High rises and housing stress: A spatial big-data analysis of rental housing financialization
Cloé St-Hilaire, Mikael Brunila, David Wachsmuth
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Proceedings of the 6th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Location-based Recommendations, Geosocial Networks and Geoadvertising, 2022

What company do words keep? Revisiting the distributional semantics of JR Firth & Zellig Harris
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PrivyTo: A privacy‐preserving location‐sharing platform
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Bridging the gap between supervised classification and unsupervised topic modelling for social-media assisted crisis management
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Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Domain Adaptation for NLP at EACL, 2021


Using deep learning and social network analysis to understand and manage extreme flooding
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Learning to common, commoning as learning: The politics and potentials of community land trusts in New York City
Hillary Caldwell, John Krinsky, Mikael Brunila, Kukka Ranta
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Verkko Suljettu - Internet ja avoimuuden rajat
An edited collection of essays on the new enclosures on the Internet.
Mikael Brunila & Kimmo Kallio (eds.)
Into Kustannus, 2014


Äärioikeisto Suomessa - Vastarintamiehiä ja metapolitiikkaa
The first book-length examination of the new far-right in Finland.
Mikael Brunila, Li Andersson & Dan Koivulaakso
Into Kustannus, 2012


Muutaman Töhryn Tähden
A journalistic examination of the zero tolerance campaign against graffiti in Helsinki from 1998 to 2008 and the privatization of policing that occurred through it.
Mikael Brunila, Kukka Ranta & Eetu Viren
Into Kustannus, 2011